Pets and children

If you have a baby and are thinking of getting a pet or if you have a pet and your baby is on the way (or plans) – this article is for you! Although when choosing a pet, we tend to choose the beauty and sympathy of a particular species or breed of animal, this should not be our only criterion. To choose the right animal, one should consider the personality, health, longevity, intelligence of the animal, and our ability...
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How to understand your cat better

Recently, cats have become the most common pets in the world and have given priority to dogs. The reason for this is believed to be people’s belief that keeping cats as pets is easier. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind the specific needs that cats have as a species, recognize them through their behavior, and thus contribute to a quality cat-owner relationship. Domestic cats (Felis catus) are social animals. In places where there is enough food, such as...
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The basics of feeding dogs and cats

Basics of feeding dogs and cats. Owners often give their pets leftovers from the table and various other poultry bones, and the like, resulting in various disease states. The question is how to prevent this and make your dog/cat life better and healthier…. DO YOU HAVE DOG AND CAT IN YOUR HOME? If cooked foods of different origins are used in the meal, the nutritional value of the ingredients used (in order to balance the meal with respect to all nutrients...
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10 facts about dogs: This is proof that we cannot live without them!

Dog owners do not have to worry about becoming obese or depressed, their furry pet will never allow it. It is a well-known fact that pets have a positive impact on the owner. However, science says a dog extends its owner’s life an average of two years. Medicine has proven that dogs have a positive effect on humans. Here are 10 facts about dogs that prove we can’t imagine our lives without them: 1. Dog owners have fewer problems with high blood pressure Scientists...
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