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10 facts about dogs: This is proof that we cannot live without them!

Dog owners do not have to worry about becoming obese or depressed, their furry pet will never allow it.

It is a well-known fact that pets have a positive impact on the owner. However, science says a dog extends its owner’s life an average of two years.

Medicine has proven that dogs have a positive effect on humans.

Here are 10 facts about dogs that prove we can’t imagine our lives without them:

1. Dog owners have fewer problems with high blood pressure

Scientists at New York University have found that dogs reduce blood pressure and stress levels in most people. Respondents did not take any medication during the study and had major blood pressure problems before. The dogs acted as pills to relieve pressure and relax the body.

2. Dog owners are more satisfied

Back in 2002, British scientists came to the conclusion that as many as 75% of people felt happier in the presence of a dog. The dog in their owners stimulates the production of the happiness hormones: endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin.

3. Dog owners have a reduced risk of heart attack

A study conducted in the UK has shown that heart attacks are mostly survived by dog owners and that their heart is “better” working than those who do not have a dog.

4. Dog owners have lower cholesterol levels

For this fact, medicine has so far not found a valid rationale other than a simple item – dog owners are more active because they are forced to walk with their pet at least twice a day.

5. Dog owners can easily lose unwanted pounds

Only 20% of the population spends 30 minutes of daily exercise. Therefore, most people are prone to obesity and diabetes. Dog owners do not have this problem because they have to walk their dog and play with it.

6. Dog owners tolerate pain better

According to scientific studies conducted at the University of Washington, dogs distract their owners from pain and help them relax.

7. Dog owners have fewer problems with insomnia

As many as 41% of dog owners have quality sleep thanks to the fact that their furry pet is close to them. It gives them security and peace.

8. Dog owners have fewer allergy problems

Scientists have proven that if infants come in contact with animals at an early age, they will have much less allergy problems later, as they will build stronger immunity.

9. Dog owners are more mentally stable

People suffering from some form of psychiatric disorder find that dogs help them alleviate existing problems.

10. Dog owners are more communicative

Dog owners easily make new acquaintances. As many as 40% of people said they got to know their neighbors very quickly, thanks to their pets.


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